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Welcome to the “Announcements” category, your go-to place for staying informed about the latest news, updates, and important announcements within our Foresight in Agriculture community. This category serves as a central hub for sharing valuable information and keeping you up to date with all the happenings.


Our General category serves as the heart of our community, encompassing broad topics and diverse discussions. It’s also the perfect place for community members to introduce themselves and connect with fellow enthusiasts, contributing to and benefiting from the collective wisdom of our community.

Foresight Portal Feedback

The Foresight Portal Feedback category is the place to discuss any improvement or feedback that you might have on the Foresight Portal.

Model helpdesk

Welcome to the “Model Helpdesk” category, your dedicated space for technical assistance and support. Whether you’re encountering challenges with foresight models, data analysis tools, or any technical aspect related to agriculture, this category is designed to provide prompt and expert guidance. Pose your questions, seek troubleshooting advice, and tap into the collective expertise of our community members. Our goal is to ensure that you have the resources and assistance you need to navigate the technical intricacies of foresight in agriculture.

Data & Metrics helpdesk

Step into the ‘Data and Metrics’ category, where precision meets agriculture. This space is dedicated to unraveling the potential of data-driven insights and metrics in shaping the future of farming. Whether you’re delving into agricultural analytics, exploring data visualization techniques, or deciphering the latest metrics trends, this category is your go-to hub. Engage in discussions, share best practices, and unravel the mysteries behind leveraging data for informed decision-making. Let’s cultivate a community where numbers not only speak but guide us towards sustainable, innovative, and resilient agricultural practices.